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If you can dream it, we can build it.

Your Brilliant Design Deserves Impeccable Precision. 

Thanks to your eye for excellence, every day offers new challenges. Every work becomes a masterpiece.

It’s why custom work brings us such joy. Our design team stands ready to respond to:

  • A rough sketch that you want executed.

  • A specific function you wish to satisfy.

  • A vintage piece of acrylic item you recall from elsewhere.

  • An image in another material – wood, metal, ceramic.

Custom Order Inquiry
Please Provide us with some basic information about your design and we will get back with you within 24 hours.

If You Can Imagine It, We Can Make It!


There’s always a way to get exactly what you want at Plexi-Craft

Find something close?
You can customize any item by:


  • Dimension

  • Thickness

  • Color

  • Configuration

  • Angles

  • Shapes and curves

If you see it on our website, we can modify it to fit your precise needs.




We bring your ideas to life! Just show us:

  • A rough sketch that you want executed.

  • A specific function you need to satisfy.

  • An acrylic item you have seen elsewhere (vintage, etc.)

  • A piece of furniture in another material (wood metal, etc) – we can make it in acrylic.

Our own expert design team is on call to make your dream a reality.


Custom Acrylic Products – Our Specialty!

Whatever you can imagine, we can make – it will be beautiful, functional, durable, flawless – and typically faster than you will find anywhere else.

When we say “Hand-Made” we mean it! The beauty and perfection you see in our products results from the expertise of our craftsmen. That’s because the average tenure of our factory technicians is over 10 years!


Options You Can Add – Make Every Piece Uniquely Your Own

  • Glass Tops
    Glass tops are available in all shapes and sizes with a variety of finishes for corners and edges. For custom items, please call us for price quotes and shipping information.

  • Cushion
    COM (Customer’s Own Material) is available. Please provide 1 yard of standard width fabric per chair or stool cushion. For custom-sized items, including our benches, or if you are using animal hides or skins for your upholstery, please contact us to determine the required material dimensions.

  • Monograms / Engraving
    Available upon request

  • Wheels Monograms / Engraving
    Caster wheels are included as shown in our portfolio and you may also provide your own wheels or castors and COH (Customer’s Own Hardware) for your project.

Need more help? See the Design Assistance page.

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